IQAir – Cleanroom Series

Professional Control of Airborne Micro organisms and Particulate Matter

The IQAir® Cleanroom Series of fers a range of portable, self-contained HEPA air filtration sys tems desig ned to meet airborne infection control and par – ticulate contami nation chal lenges in critical in door environments.

IQAir® systems filter the air by re – cir culation or by creating true posi tive or negative pressure en viron ments with special IQAir® ducting adaptors.

Each Cleanroom model AND each HyperHEPA® repla ce ment filter is individually tested and certified to guarantee actual filtration ef fi ciency.

The superior filtration efficiency, ver sati lity and mobility make the IQAir® Cleanroom Series the most advanced and cost-effec tive line of mobile air filtra tion systems available to day

We currently sell the IQAir Cleanroom 250
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